Commercial Cleaning services Gold Coast

Our cleaning services create safe and hygienic workplaces that are scientifically proven to promote and increase your staff’s productivity.

Professional Cleaning Services

  • All staff are trained and inducted onsite
  • Cleaning equipment is thoroughly maintained tested and tagged
  • Workplace health and safety adhered to
  • Company fatigue management policy in place
  • SDS guide onsite where cleaning products are stored
  • Faulty equipment is taken out of service and immediately replaced
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Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Surfers Paradise Queensland

Gold Coast cleaning services create safe, hygienic workplaces that is proven to promote, increase your staff’s productivity. Call Us Today.

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Commercial Cleaning Services Gold Coast Puts Safety, Health, Productivity and Hygiene First

Your staff, clients and visitors no longer take for granted that your facility is clean, safe, and hygienic. People are now schooled and actively seek to ensure the place they work in or visit is thoroughly clean.

Every day, the cleaning service performed by Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning keep people healthy and safe while enabling good health. With results that reach each facility user through using only the best environmentally friendly products and expertly trained cleaners, Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning provides peace of mind. We help our clients maintain clean, reputable workplaces.

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Surfers Paradise Queensland

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the removal of dirt and stains. Most customers request carpets be cleaned for cosmetic reasons. However, it is imperative that they are washed for health reasons. Are you aware that carpet filters soils, gases and numerous other contaminants? Volatile organic compounds in carpets and padding can contribute to allergies, asthma and worsening air quality in your building and office.

Gold Coast Commercial Corporate office building cleaning services

commercial cleaning services

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD provides a commercial cleaning service to hundreds of Gold Coast City businesses and commercial properties. Therefore, we have the experience and expertise to clean every aspect of your business to the highest professional standard. We only grow our business sustainably and never forget about the small fish.

Gold Coast Window Cleaning

Glass & window Cleaning Services

Did you know that keeping your glass and windows free from contaminants will help them last longer. Glass is porous, so over time, any dirt that accumulates will start to break down the surface. Our highly experienced and well-prepared window cleaners will keep your glass streak-free and sparkling clean.

Gold Coast High Pressure Water Cleaning

High Pressure Water cleaning

Regular and periodical Adhoc high-pressure water cleaning service. We take the time to do it right the first time.

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Lady

Industrial & Manufacturing

The Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning expertly trained professionals will maintain your factory space to the highest standards.

Gold Coast Commercial Facility Services

office cleaning Services

Our thorough office cleaning keeps your staff safe and helps to facilitate a positive and productive work environment.

Kill Germs Cleaning

Transport Hubs & Public Spaces

Keep your passengers safe and happy with beautiful clean equipment, public spaces and facilities. We clean all surfaces, Including our tile grout cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning Service

Healthcare Facilities

This is where hygiene services and unseen cleaning counts. It is of utmost importance to ensure your premise is hygienically clean. As well as being aesthetically clean, We provide the highest cleaning standards in the healthcare industry.


Events & Hospitality

Are you hosting a large conference or another workplace event? Engage us to ensure your event is clean and inviting. With a pre-clean and tidy-up afterwards.

Education School University Cleaning Gold Coast Brisbane

Educational Facilities

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD provide cleaning services to educational institutions, including private schools and universities.

Gold Coast Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Government Facilities

Whether it be the local councillor’s office, community centre or a large government building with several departments, we have the experience to tackle the cleaning and janitorial job, ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of your department.

Gold Coast Office Cleaning Bundall 4217

Commercial Real estate

Attention Gold Coast Commercial Real estate Agents, We can provide you with cleaning end of lease move-out bond cleans, move-in cleans and regular cleaning for your offices. You may have tenants looking for reliable cleaners. We can help. Talk to us today.

Home and Commercial Bond Cleaning

Our Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Process Includes

  • Internal and external window cleaning. Including window frames, tracks and security/fly screens.
  • Kitchen cleaning, cupboards in and out, benchtops, dishwasher, microwave, sink, oven, stove top, under cabinets, range hood, drains and tapware.
  • Air conditioning filters and vents.
  • Cost-Effective: Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD rates are reasonable and customisable to suit your requirements.
  • Light shades
  • Balcony tiles and balustrading are cleaned.
  • Cobwebs inside and out
  • Garage cleaning
  • High-pressure water cleaning is available.
  • Thorough cleaning of Internal and external doors. Including spot cleaning of marks, door jams and architraves.
  • Internal walls throughout
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Clean inside built-in wardrobes, the edges, the tracks and mirror fronts.
  • Bathroom, deep cleaning of shower recess tiles, grout and shower screens, Clean exhaust fans, hard floors and wall tiles. Cleaning of tapware, vanity top and inside cupboards.
  • Cleaning of bedrooms, living rooms and home office areas.
  • Additionally, we clean all outdoor entertainment areas, built-in kitchens, and BBQ equipment.

Bathroom Cleaning Services Gold Coast

End of Lease Bond Cleaning Gold Coast

Commercial Cleaners Gold Coast Quality Customer Service

Customer service and satisfaction are our number one priority. Indeed we have an excellent reputation for being fast, efficient and reliable. Therefore, we are known as one of South East Queensland’s top Bond Cleaning Services.

Our Bond Cleaning Gold Coast is second to none, and we know what standard of cleaning your agent expects. Therefore, we provide an extremely diligent service that ensures you will get your bond money back. Call us today to talk about what your individual service requires.

Our Staff

Commercial Cleaning Services Gold Coast, Highly Trained Staff

At Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning, We have highly skilled people in all the right places.
We hand-pick and retain only the most capable cleaning staff long-term after a specific training period.