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Education Facility School Cleaning Services

We Strive For The Best Results

Finding a reputable commercial cleaning company to take care of your school cleaning is integral to keeping it functioning at a high standard. We are an affordable school cleaning company that can do that for you.

From childcare centres and preschools to private schools and universities, all education facilities have a different layout and therefore require various cleaning, hygiene and disinfection needs. Scores of people each day use classrooms, lecture halls, dining areas, hallways, and bathrooms. Each of these areas requires a systematic approach to ensure thorough cleaning.

Commercial cleaning services from Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD can impact a school’s success. Professional Commercial Cleaning services, including disinfection, can support the health and safety of students, teachers, and administrative staff, which is critical to reducing absenteeism. Additionally, clean facilities provide a warm welcome for parents considering your school or university for their children.

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education facility school cleaning services

Primary and High School Cleaning

  • Reception Areas
  • Library
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • High & Low Dusting
  • Car Parks
  • Trash Bins & Bin Liners
  • Lecture Halls
  • Media Rooms
  • Class Rooms
  • Gym Facility & Equipment
  • Windows
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Hard Floors
  • Showers, Tiles & Grout
  • Sanitise Touch Points
  • Amenity Blocks

Qualified Public and Private School Cleaners

  • We Provide Qualified Expert School Cleaners
  • Public Liability and Products Insurance
  • New Top Of The Line School Cleaning Equipment
  • Best High Grade Cleaning Products
  • Advanced Compostable Bins & Liners
  • Diligent Supervision
  • Regular inspections and auditing
  • Scheduled Deep Cleaning
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Ensuring The Security Of Your Students

A primary concern of parents is that their children need to be more secure in educational establishments with external visitors. To put your and the parents’ minds at ease, we assure you that our school cleaning staff have a current police check and blue card to ensure they are safe to work with and around children.

Our friendly school cleaners also wear uniforms so you can quickly identify them. Our quality auditing process means that we will consistently achieve the high standards you require for your learning facility, providing you with the best school cleaning service possible.

Professional School Cleaning You Can Trust

Here at Gold Coast Commercial School Cleaning, we take the health, safety, confidentiality and security of our clients and their premises very seriously. All of our school cleaners have obtained an up-to-date National Police Check and are GPS-tracked throughout their shift. That lets us reliably communicate when our staff have entered and exited your learning facility, giving you complete peace of mind. In addition, we enforce that our commercial school cleaners have obtained a blue card, ensuring these staff members are permitted to working with and around children.

To protect you and our professional education facility school cleaners, all Gold Coast Commercial School Cleaning staff are covered by Workers’ Compensation and Public and Product Liability Insurance. We’re more than happy to provide certificates of currency upon request. In addition, the company follows all workplace health and safety protocols and we strongly monitor fatigue management, ensuring our staff are happy and live a fulfilling work life balance.

The most important thing is ensuring that students learn in a secure, safe, healthy environment. Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning professional, diligent school and education facility cleaning services will help you achieve this outcome with our thorough, in-depth commercial contract cleaning service.

With so many students and adults in one place, there is a more significant opportunity for germs and bacteria to spread. Ensuring the well-being of the students raises the quality of your learning establishment. It increases the education facilities’ reputation as a clean and trustworthy place for parents to send their children. Hygienically clean, disinfected, and well-ventilated classrooms will also increase the student’s productivity and raise their level of study participation.

School Cleaning To Suit Your Time Table

At Gold Coast Commercial School Cleaning Services, we understand that not all learning centres operate the same hours. Indeed we acknowledge that your particular educational facility may require its’ own unique cleaning schedule. Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning Services has capable cleaning staff and brilliant supervisors on the ground 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all public holidays. We are accommodating and able to work the hours that suit your needs.

School calendars can offer a complex set of events, holidays, and breaks, which may make facility cleaning a scheduling challenge. Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD is experienced in working with education accounts to determine the best approach to satisfy the cleaning requirements and needs of the staff, teachers, and students.​

All our School cleaners report to a designated Commercial Cleaning area supervisor who ensures every cleaning task is completed to the highest standards.

School Cleaning Services

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  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • Fully Insured
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy

Enhance The Appearance of Your Learning Facility

Schools and Universities are demanding and time-consuming working environments. They are also typically expansive buildings, meaning they take a long time to clean.

Public and Private Schools are very high-traffic spaces. A professional school cleaning service ensures your school looks presentable and professional, exponentially increasing your reputation. Besides regular classes, there are parent-teacher meetings, external inspections, open days, and evening and weekend events. Parents will become more confident that their children are getting a good education.

Regarding school open days, a clean school will convey that your learning facility is a professional and happy place to work. Thus encouraging people to consider studying there. It indeed may even increase your numbers.

Our professional, affordable education facility and school cleaning services will help make your learning hub a happier place for staff to work. They will be able to turn all their attention and focus onto the students without worrying about the cleaning chores. With twenty-four years of experience, we can take on this task and thereby take a weight off your staff’s minds.

Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD have access to industry-leading information on safe, effective education facility cleaning techniques. The right equipment, supplies, and advanced cleaning and disinfection procedures can help promote a thorough and effective cleaning service.

Education Facility Cleaning

Clean Education Facilities Improve Health and Learning

Educational facilities come in various shapes, sizes, and types, each presenting its own particular education facility cleaning challenges. If you consider that schools may be up to four times as densely occupied as a typical office space, creating a protocol to disinfect efficiently can help reduce the spread of germs in an educational facility.

According to the Centres for Disease Control, almost 60 million school days are missed yearly due to colds, flu and other viruses. In addition, asthma is a huge concern in schools, with nearly 10% of students affected to some degree. It is estimated that children miss more than 14 million school days yearly due to asthma. For many schools, student sick days could lead to lost funding. With most schools worldwide now back in session, maintaining a healthy, clean, sanitised and dust-free environment for students and teachers is necessary.

Cleaning to improve school health means using products and techniques that effectively remove germs from the educational environment and safeguard indoor air quality. This may involve using microfiber materials, equipment, backpack vacuums, colour-coded cloths and floor pads to minimise cross-contamination and green, safe cleaning chemicals with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that disinfect effectively.

Too many sick days can lead to education gaps, lost funding, and other serious issues. Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD can support health and wellness by helping to remove germs from the school environment. Our commercial cleaning services may include high-traffic touch points, sanitisation and disinfection cleaning.

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New Advanced School Cleaning Techniques

  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Super Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Microfibre Mops and Mopping Technique
  • Asthmatic Friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Autism Aware and Friendly Company
  • We have Autistic persons on our staff
  • Wet Wipe Rather Than Dust
  • Latest Safe Technologically Advanced Cleaning Equipment

Educational Facility Cleaning Services

Many high-traffic areas require special school cleaning attention, whether you operate a daycare centre, private school, public school, University or learning centre. Rooms with particular concern in an educational facility include:

  • Classrooms
  • Water stations or Bubblers
  • Hard Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Restrooms or Amenity Blocks
  • Library
  • Hallways
  • PE Equipment
  • Gym Facility and Machines
  • Canteen Cafeteria
  • School Office Cleaning
  • Locker Sanitisation
  • Graffiti Vandalism Cleaning
  • School Exterior Cleaning
  • Fan and Ceiling Cleaning
  • Bathroom Sanitation
  • Carpets and Floors
  • Periodic Deep Cleaning

Child Care Centre Cleaning

A clean, disinfected space is critical for attracting prospective students, supporting your staff, and creating a better student experience. Young students are only sometimes mindful of cleanliness. Small children can be fearless in the face of dirt and debris. Between outdoor play, household pets, and a curious outlook on life, they can attract many bacteria and bring them into the classroom. Highly trained commercial cleaners, Commercial-grade products and thorough cleaning and disinfection can help to prevent the spread of these germs to other students and staff.

A clean child care centre makes an impression on parents and prospective students. Scuffed floors and dusty shelves are not impressive to parents that are considering enrolling their child into your pre-school. Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD can help to ensure that your school is always ready for guests and visitors.

Your teaching staff can’t be at their best if they’re also vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces. Partnering with Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD means your teachers can keep their energy focused on an excellent educational experience.

Education Facility Cleaning

To keep students, teachers and your school as healthy as possible, you should encourage proper hygiene in your students and staff through hand washing education and respiratory hygiene tips. For example, coughing or sneezing on one’s shirtsleeve (instead of their hands) can help prevent the spread of germs. If you seek an education facilities cleaning program, you should consider school, community and state standards for cleaning and your school’s schedule.

Aside from cleaning floors and desktops in an educational facility, troublesome germ spots in a school include doorknobs, keyboards, a mouse, water fountains, telephones, toilet handles, light switches and much more.

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Education School University Cleaning Gold Coast Brisbane

Professional education facility school cleaning services, Invite us to tender or reach out today for a free no, obligation walkthrough and quote.

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University Cleaning Services

Universities are busy environments. Full of expensive assets and equipment, they require a technical approach to cleaning. Universities are also full of high-traffic areas, meaning thorough cleaning, hygiene and disinfection are prioritised in keeping students, staff and visitors safe.

Gold Coast Commercial University Cleaning can help your university improve its sustainability profile with our waste management services. We help you improve your landfill diversion rates and cut overall costs for a more efficient and sustainable Uni waste management service. For example, we can implement compostable bins with compostable bin liners.


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Every education facility or early learning centre has its own unique needs for cleaning tasks. However, standard inclusions are empty trash bins and replacing the liners—clean kitchens and amenity blocks, also the reception and waiting area. Additionally, cleaners vacuum all floors and mop hard floors. Furthermore, cleaning staff will wet wipe over touch points, the tables and desks and dust thoroughly throughout.

Yes, Gold Coast Commercial Cleaning PTY LTD offers an initial free meet-and-greet walkthrough and audit of your premises. Collectively, this is the time and opportunity to go over your cleaning scope and work out a plan that suits you moving forward.

Of course, yes, we carry 20 million dollars of public liability insurance. In addition to this, we have products and liability insurance. We are happy to supply certificates of currency upon request.

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